Delivery by Animal??

Delivery by Animal??


Starting off with one that everyone knows, the pigeon. Homing pigeons were actually very useful. Like their name suggests, Homing Pigeons could actually be trained to find their nest so they could always find their way back. Used during the world wars, homing pigeons were useful to send letters to base if that was where their trained home was.


While no one wants dog slobber on their mail and as tricky as it was to get them trained, for years over in Alaska and Canada sled dogs we used to help couriers deliver mail. Dogs would be hooked up and drive the sled through the snow so that the mail could get to its destination. In Siberian areas where there is a great deal of snow it was the most efficient way to get mail from A to B.


Think the Pony Express. Like with dogs, you wouldn’t want the horse actually holding your mail and they would probably run off at the first taste of freedom. But with a courier on their back they were the fastest way pre 1900s. While the Pony Express didn’t last long before more efficient ways of delivery mail came about it was fast and they actually only lost 2 letters in their whole delivery system.

Now that we covered the ones that are memorable for their contributions to courier services, we can move on to some of the more interesting animals that have ever helped with delivery.


The thought of reindeer helping to deliver packages is an old one. When you think of reindeer it is usually magic reindeer that can fly. While of course reindeer is still Santa's method of choice, in some places of the world, they are still the only way to get goods delivered....


If their relative the horse can deliver mail so can the mule. In the Grand Canyon over 15 years ago a man was using his mule to deliver into an Indian Reservation other delivery services wouldn’t tread. For those that live within the canyon this is the only way down on the trails.


Yes, a town in Belgium decided to try their hand at using cats for a delivery service. With the letters tied around their necks they must have looked cute, but knowing the nature of cats, this venture did not last long. The town of Liege, Belgium used 37 cats to help deliver the post in the 1870s. The timing wasn’t the greatest with the cats, some taking a day to deliver home, but it was a cute idea while it lasted.


While it seems like common sense for areas where camels were the better means of transportation, it is still a cool use for a cool creature. The camels could pull or carry the bags on their humps therefore, deliveries were made much faster than by foot.


Having animals come to your door would be a great way to get your bills or any fun delivery, but couriers in UK can do the delivery faster, and with less clean up later.

BHA Courier isn’t being replaced with animals anytime soon, so you can keep using us for all of your needs.

Released On 23rd May 2018

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