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Couriers Battling COVID-19

13 May 2020

As coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps the globe, utter panic has been left in its wake. It’s not the first pandemic our world has seen, but it’s certainly the most deadly and wide-reaching that most of us have ever, and hopefully, will ever see in our lifetime. Although the technology of today has made it easier than ever for most industries to send their employees home, where they are safe and still get work done, there are still enough professions and industries that need to physically be out and about to get work done. And that’s where we come in. In these uncertain and unexpected times, BHA Courier pledge to help people throughout the UK keep their businesses moving or indeed their loved ones safe. Basically, whatever it may be that you need, you can count on us!

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Knowing Me, Knowing You

28 April 2020

Ever wondered who it is you are speaking to when you give us a call, or who it is responding to the email that you’ve sent us. Well, just in case you have, we’ve decided to put together a little something to tell you about us.

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Which Vehicle Is Right For You?

18 September 2019

BHA Courier has a range of vehicles available, ready to deliver consignments of any size, from documents to jet engines. Our drivers are trained in keeping your goods secure, with straps and blankets provided for your peace of mind. We have a wealth of experience in delivering goods of all sizes, including pallets , with tail-lift and pump-truck options available for unloading. Take a look and see what sort of vehicle you require...

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A History On Couriers

10 July 2019

At some point throughout your life, you’ve probably used courier services for one thing or another. Living in the 21st century, it’s hard not to. Every time you order something online, a courier delivers that package to your front door. But how much do you really know about courier services?

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Behind The Desk v Behind The Wheel

04 March 2019

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you book a courier? Of course, it the driver that you come into contact with usually when sending or receiving an item, but a lot has already gone on behind a desk to get that driver to you in the first place! As you can imagine, no two days are the same for us dispatchers, with collections and deliveries taking place throughout the UK, so here is a little insight into what we get up to….

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BHA Courier, 24 Hours A Day

21 January 2019

As the weather in the UK worsens, our team at BHA Courier is already starting to think about the consequences following the Beast from the East last year and the impact it had on delivery services across the UK. Some people were surprised to see us out on the roads, but for us, that’s just another day in the office. We pride ourselves on being a courier company that never truly closes, and here is why....

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Things To Think About In Your Search For A Courier

10 December 2018

So, you are looking for a courier service to handle the shipping needs of your business? But how can you find a courier that provides the services you want at an affordable price? What other things should you consider in your quest to find a courier? Read on to learn a few things you should think about before you hire a courier.

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What To Expect From Your Courier Service As Winter Weather Approaches

05 November 2018

During the winter time, customers have grown to expect delays when they ship their goods. When there is severe snow, airport shutdowns, and major storms, there is little a delivery company can do to keep loads on schedule. You might be wondering what to expect during these conditions…Will the package still be delivered on time? Where is it? Will it be protected from the elements? All of these questions are sure to worry you if you have booked a courier to deliver an important item and bad weather has moved in. Not to fear, we’ve put together a few answers so you know what to expect during these times and you can rest assured knowing that we are doing all it takes to get your package where it needs to be.

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Being A Courier Dispatcher

12 June 2018

When you picture a courier service, there’s a strong chance you think of the people who make it all happen... the couriers. Of course, they’re a vital piece of the industry and get the deliveries done. However, dispatchers are crucial as well. They assign tasks and routes to couriers, and they ensure everything goes according to plan. It takes a particular set of skills to be an efficient dispatcher.

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What Makes A Courier Service Great?

29 May 2018

Well it's a given, excellent driving skills are certainly a necessity, but the true professionals demand so much more from their couriers. So what makes a courier service great? Here is a list of the most valued qualities that will set you above the rest...

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Delivery by Animal??

23 May 2018

While the development of good courier services in the UK have excelled, animals have been allowed to retire on our sofas after being used as couriers for years. Convenience and speed have always been important when delivering packages. That is why, at DBLA Courier, we would like to remember where couriers came from to get us to where we are today. Some of these animals may just surprise you!

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